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Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to quit their jobs and live a life of freedom and purpose. While there are many companies that provide wealth creation education, Infinite Prosperity is unique in that it offers a comprehensive program designed around a radically fresh perspective. No false claims, no unrealistic expectations, no sugar coated lessons - just world class forex education presented by two motivated young traders. Learn more on our About Us page.

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Our Most Successful Student Ever Tom Russell is the latest Infinite Prosperity student to break into the land of “stupid crazy” returns.. Read his story.

Orlando Student Meet Up We recently organised a meet up in Orlando to put faces to names and have some fun. A great night was had..see pictures here.

Student Journey People often ask us why we don’t completely outsource emails...the reason is because of emails like this Read more...

The Time Has Come We are now taking formal applications to Infinite Prosperity Platinum! Reserve your spot now Read more...

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