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One of the many philosophies we teach at Infinite Prosperity is that we all have a mission and message inside that not only inspires us, but that also contributes to the lives of others. The Infinite Prosperity project forms the basis of our vocational mission. The ultimate purpose of this project is to awaken the financial intelligence and human potential of students around the world.

By transcending our origins of pure currency trading education, Infinite Prosperity has morphed into so much more since our public launch in 2012. Our team currently consists of 12 members, residing in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. These inspired entrepreneurs work night and day spreading our message of abundance, lifestyle design, and personal empowerment.
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Hey! My name is Lewis Mocker, and my journey to financial independence started as a young boy when I made my very first investment... 

For nearly 2 years, I saved up Birthday, Christmas and pocket money to buy $500 AUD worth of Telstra stocks (TLS).

I held those stocks for nearly 10 years, and sold them at a loss in early 2008...

Yes! My first investment was a "failure"... I lost money!
But as I look back today, what I gained from that initial investment has literally made me millions. How? Because it allowed me to get my foot in the door. I had meat in the game, and a hunger to learn more.

By my first day of high school, I had already built a nice little portfolio of 3 stocks that I would monitor every afternoon.

At the time, my Dad had been investing and trading (full time) for over 12 years, so he became my "financial advisor" and taught me everything he knew about the Australian Stock Market.

Indeed, I had a very unusual childhood. 
I progressed through the financial markets in my teen years, actively trading covered calls on the New York Stock Exchange while growing my passive investment portfolio on the Australian Stock Exchange. 

At 18 years of age, I discovered Forex. If you're new to the term, it's short for "foreign exchange". In other words, the global currency markets.

I started out as an “FX noobie”, placing orders and managing trades before and after work. 

As an electrician apprentice in Brisbane, Australia – I woke up at 4:30am, showered, traded, ate and was out the door by 5:30am for a 6:00am start.

Lunch breaks were about managing trades, cramming books and teaching the lads on site about creating financial independence.

I told everyone at work (including my boss) that I would quit my job the day I finished my apprenticeship.

95% of them didn’t believe me. But the 5% who did are my students to this day. 

Like anyone who pursues an extraordinary life, I faced enormous challenge from friends and co-workers during this time. They just didn't understand the journey I was on. At times, I felt as if they were trying to install fears and doubts into my mind, and sometimes I let it get the better of me.

But I pushed through!

And by 2:00pm I was on my way home listening to audio tapes and CD’s on trading, business, finance and success. My 1986 Toyota Corolla didn't have a CD player, so I used an old Sony Discman with headphones to listen and learn. Like many of you reading this, I was hungry for success, and I knew in my heart that I was destined for it, sooner or later.

When 3:00pm rolled around, I was showered and ready to hit the London Open. During the morning time in London, some of the best trading opportunities arise in the Forex market. I often didn’t leave my desk until 9 or 10 at night.

This went on for over 3 years, and, on the final day of my apprenticeship... I quit my job to become a full time Forex trader.
The 2 years following my departure from the workforce were both exciting and challenging.

My dream of sitting on the beach all day, drinking cocktails and making endless sums of money... turned out to be a little bit different in real life. 

Sure, I had some amazing trading sessions by the pool from time to time… but the truth is that sun glare is a killer, sand wrecks your laptop, the cocktails dehydrate you, and the necessity for focus and presence kind of negates your exposure to beautiful surroundings. My advice? Finish placing your orders inside, close your laptop and head out for the day!

After quitting my job, I had some of the best years of my life. 

I was a budding new entrepreneur doing exactly what everyone told me I couldn’t do. 

I no longer set alarms to wake up, and my income was 100% mobile, meaning I could make money anywhere that had an internet connection.

Oh, and one more thing happened…

I discovered my love for teaching.
In high school, I didn't really "fit in"...

I was a shy kid without exceptional academic intelligence. I was usually chosen 2nd to last in team sports, and my social popularity… well, there's not much to talk about there.

But what I did have was a very unique skillset. I had a high level of financial understanding and awareness.

During class, I felt as if I knew more about business, investing and financial independence than my economics teachers. I certainly knew more than the other students. 

So when one of the popular girls from high school asked me to teach her about making money online, I jumped at the opportunity.

Her name was Amy Sangster. 

You might recognise her from a cheesy YouTube video back in early 2012 when she bought her first Lamborghini. She was 22 at the time, and the video went viral - gaining over 10 million views.

The first business I taught her was eBay. She absolutely nailed it. In a few months, she grew my humble import business by over 400%.

I insisted that she let me show her what I was doing in Forex Trading. 

She absolutely nailed that, too. And in a few months, she was consistently outperforming my returns.

In a relatively short period of time, she quit her job at the National Australia Bank.

I knew in my heart of hearts that I had something here. 

I knew that if I could teach Amy how to get these results, that I could teach anyone to do the same. 
To keep a very long story short, Amy and I teamed up to develop a comprehensive online course detailing our knowledge and experience in trading, investing, business, finance, psychology and personal development. 

We called it Infinite Prosperity – which, by the way, is not just a fancy name. 

It has a very important meaning and a mathematical formula that we'll share with you in the course.

After launching to the public in July of 2012, we grew rapidly to the point where we could no longer manage the project ourselves.

Today, Infinite Prosperity serves over 7,000 paid members in 55+ countries around the world. The project is managed by a team of 12, all who started out as students and eventually found themselves on our core team.

We have a truly inspiring online community, 5 live trading events each week, thousands of hours of video content, and my personal favourite… The Infinite Prosperity Ball.
Each year, we host a black tie event where we meet and greet students from all over the planet. The annual ball is breathtaking and inspiring.

One review called it, "The most glamorous event in online financial education".
Right from the start, we set out to provide the most comprehensive and complete online course in personal finance... 

... and all for a fixed, one-time, affordable price that truly overdelivers in value.

Many of our competitors charge $5,000 to $10,000 for the amount of content that you'll get in just 1 or 2 of the 13 lessons we offer in our Silver Membership. 

To put this into perspective, the price for that membership is under $500 USD.

By putting the client first and building our business this way, we've been able to thrive.

Our business philosophy is simple: Offer a product that truly changes lives, back it with a Life Changer Guarantee... and word of mouth will take care of our growth.

Welcome to Infinite Prosperity! 
Before you invest in us, we want you to put us to the test.

We offer a free video training, teaching you how to build wealth, how to structure your dream lifestyle, how to invest passively and how to create financial independence by using our 4 x online, mobile income streams.

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