How to Invest $5,000

So you’ve got a few thousand dollars, and you want to know where to put it?

This is a very, very common question, and here’s my answer…


Usually, the people with a few grand asking for investment tips on social media are people looking for a specific stock or a specific crypto currency… A hot tip… A very specific asset class to invest their few thousand dollars into so they can grab a big return.

But as any true investor understands, when you’re dealing with big returns, you’re working within a law of diminishing probabilities.

What I mean is…

  • If you’re targeting 5% pa, you could likely achieve that with 100% certainty
  • If you’re targeting 10% pa, you could likely achieve that with a 90% probability
  • If you’re targeting 20% pa, you could likely achieve that with a 60% probability

and so on…

With that in mind, if you’re targeting 1,000% pa, or in other words, if you’re hoping to 10X your money… you would be wise to realise the probability that you achieve that in a period of 1 year is very low.


The first hurdle in building true wealth is in aligning your expectations with an achievable benchmark.

For many new investors, 10% per annum is down right depressing.

Imagine if you’ve been working your entire life to save up $5,000. You finally build up the courage to invest this capital, and your advisor informs you that in fact the stock market “only” averages 10% per annum. You “only”stand to make a $500 return for an entire year of investing.

Given this scenario, it’s easy to see why so many new investors rush into what I call “unicorns”… They chase HUGE returns and leverage themselves out without a true understanding of the probabilities they’re working with.

The middle class gamble their financial independence by trying to win lotteries and catch unicorns. 
The wealthy use time-tested, methodical, long-term strategies to build wealth with certainty.

So if you have about $5,000  to invest, here’s my condensed advice:

  1. Align your expectations. Be thrilled with 10% pa and understand that you can grow extremely wealthy over time by compounding 10% every year.
  2. Trim the fat. Cut down on low priority, unnecessary expenses and invest the savings you make.
  3. Educate yourself. Knowledge pays the highest ROI by far. Learn to passively invest first, then once you’ve mastered the art of returning 10% through low risk, unleveraged, methodical investment strategies then you can move into slightly more speculative investments using higher degrees of leverage to accelerate your wealth. This is the best education you can buy.
  4. Create multiple income streams. If that means spending some money on acquiring a product, or online sales training, do it! You stand to generate more wealth over time by investing in a product, service or income acceleration coaching than you do by hitting a hot stock one-time.

… and since I’m insanely committed to your success, let me expand on each of the 4 points above:


My advice is to get a hold of a solid “financial independence calculator” that you can use to set real goals and re-wire your expectations.

The one offered within the members area of Infinite Prosperity factors in your:

  • Age
  • Active income
  • Savings
  • Accelerated savings
  • Lifestyle cost
  • Lifestyle growth
  • Inflation
  • Income growth
  • Investment returns
  • And future passive income figures…

… to project forward exactly when you’re on track to achieve Stage 1 and Stage 2 Financial Independence (passive income replacement).

I believe everyone on earth deserves to “know their numbers” so they can realistically make plans for their future.

But in my experience, hardly anyone knows their numbers. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year but massively underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years.

Take the time to do your numbers! They might surprise you.

By the way, as a general “rule of thumb”… if you save 10% of your income, and invest the savings at 10% per annum, you can achieve complete passive income replacement in about 20 years (give or take a few years). This is what we refer to as the 10/10/20 rule. Obviously it varies with income growth, inflation and other factors – but as a rule of thumb it holds true. This means, if you start working at 20, and can’t retire in your 40’s, you didn’t play the money game right!

Now, if you can increase your income by just 10% each year, you can halve the time it takes to achieve financial independence… and if you can double those annual returns to 20% via methodical speculation on just a portion of your investments… you can halve the time again! At this stage we’re talking about a 4-6 year retirement plan, which resides among the most powerful wealth creation strategies on earth.

You can learn each and every component of this wealth creation approach at Infinite Prosperity.


If you’re truly committed to building wealth and creating Financial Independence, you must dedicate some energy to reducing or eliminating unnecessary costs and expenses.

For this, the Monthly Expense Optimizer tool within the members area of Infinite Prosperity is one of the most powerful expense optimization tools available…

With this one tool alone, my students have been able to reduce their monthly outgoings by between 10-40% within just an hour.

My advice is to take a few hours out of your week to complete this process thoroughly. Reduce your unnecessary costs and expenses, invest the savings, and you’ll literally take years off the journey to Financial Independence.


The very first principle of achieving Financial Independence is to save and invest.

This is such a basic principle that most people I get to speak with on social media bypass it altogether!!

You must remember, if it’s easy to do… it’s also easy NOT to do… and the basic principles of saving and investing are overlooked by most people who are distracted by hunting unicorns. In fact, the principles of saving and investing are so important, that I recently made a 4 part video course dedicated to the process. In this blog post, I want to share with you the second video in my course…

By the way, if you enjoyed this video… there are three more videos that you’ll love as well! I’m certain that this video course will completely blow your mind! If you want to catch the other videos, click here. (It’s a completely FREE video course).


The average millionaire has multiple income streams.

One of the fastest ways to create financial independence is to rapidly expand your income through providing a product or service that can help your fellow man. Since 2012, I have co-created what I believe to be one of the most powerful online wealth creation programs, that I know with certainty has transformed the lives of thousands of students from 50 countries around the world.

Image above: An inspired group of 250+ Infinite Prosperity lifetime members from 12 countries who attended the 2016 Infinite Prosperity Ball in Australia.

As I recently explained in my 4 part video course, I personally take a profit of about 10-15% of every dollar that this particular education company makes. However, via our affiliate partnership program, we offer our partners 20% of every dollar made (for life). So by becoming an affiliate partner of Infinite Prosperity and sharing this message with your circle of influence, you stand to make a greater percentage of each sale that I personally take myself!

And we’re going to do all the work!

We’ll promise to: 

  • Nurture new free members that you refer
  • Provide lifetime 1 on 1 support and coaching
  • Provide fully accredited and licensed financial education and advice
  • Provide high quality financial strategies that have stood the test of time and have proven themselves in the markets
  • Provide a $150,000 custom built education platform that gets proven results
  • Provide ongoing updates, support and client training
  • Provide weekly emails, newsletters and social media releases

In summary, we do all the work, your job is to simply share the message… and you’ll take 20% for the trouble. 

Image above: Head day trader at Infinite Prosperity, Irek Piekarski, scouring for trading opportunities in the forex market with director Lewis Mocker.

This is an online, passive income stream that you can set up within hours. And it’s only available to lifetime Infinite Prosperity members. Which means, not only will you gain access to a high converting, life changing, online product that will personally make you between $60-$400 USD per sale, but you’ll also learn exactly how to passively invest your profits to approximate a return of 7-10% per annum with Strategy 1 in our course. Then, once you’ve mastered the art of passive investing, we’ll even teach you how to trade those profits via Strategy 2 and 3 to generate an even higher return, thus shortening the time it takes you to achieve Financial Independence.

A lifetime membership at Infinite Prosperity can immediately deliver you 3 additional streams of income:

  1. Passive investment returns (stocks, bonds, REIT’s and ETF’s)
  2. Active trading returns (forex swing trading & forex day trading)
  3. Online sales & referrals via our Partnership Program.


If you’re wise, you’ll be asking – what’s the catch here?!

Financial masters understand that there are no free lunches in the universe. You can’t draw blood from a stone. 

There is always a price to pay. But the question is, what is the price you’re willing to pay?

If you could make a single investment in a program that guarantees to:

  • Align your expectations with reality
  • Help you to reduce your monthly outgoings by 10-40%
  • Teach you strategies to invest those savings passively
  • Teach you strategies to trade actively and grow faster
  • Provide 3 new passive and semi passive online income streams
  • Provide lifetime 1 on 1 support and coaching
  • Grant access to an inspired community of like-minded entrepreneurs on the path toward greatness…

What is that worth to you? Personally, I’d pay at least $20-30k for an opportunity like this – and I have in the past. In fact, I’ve spent over $200,000+ on courses, seminars, mentoring and training since I was 12 years old.

And let me just say that these investments in my education completely changed my life. I’m one of the “luckiest” kids on earth to have pursued the path of alternative education from such a young age. I’ve learned to trade, invest, sell, serve, create products and build wealth faster than 99% of my peers… and everything that I’ve learned over the years has culminated into one nugget of power, knowledge and wealth…

… and that is my Lifetime Membership at Infinite Prosperity.

If this blog post has resonated with you in any way whatsoever, I urge you to consider a lifetime membership at Infinite Prosperity.

By the way… the price is not $20-30k.

You can purchase a lifetime membership at Infinite Prosperity starting at just $349 USD.

Click here to sign up…

I’ll see you on the inside! 💰 📚

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Sophia Mason

OMG one of the greatest post I have ever read on this topic, currently I am just relying on forex signals because I am a newbie trader who is inspired by his uncle. But after reading this post now thinking that I should organize my time and efforts for trading, adopt some rules and techniques. Bookmarking it so I can understand all points one by one. Thumbs up