Hi, and welcome to Infinite Prosperity!

Lewis and Amy here, the founders of IP.

Since crafting this course by hand back in 2011, we have worked tirelessly each and every day to get this knowledge out to the public. Over the years, we’ve added, subtracted, tweaked and fine tuned each and every paragraph, principle and philosophy to ensure these words make a positive difference in your life.

Image above: Amy Sangster and Lewis Mocker hosting the 2016 Infinite Prosperity Student Ball

In fact, after having thousands of students from over 50 countries take this course, we are certain that what you are about to read, watch, learn and experience during your time on this website can change your life for the better.

It is no mistake that you landed on this page… So our most sincere desire is that you take the opportunity to be truly present while going through these lessons.

First things first

Let’s start with the name… Infinite Prosperity. What’s that about?

I’ve never been great at small talk, so before I bore you with my life story, let me explain firstly what the term “Infinite Prosperity” means. To understand the meaning of our name is to understand the meaning of our message… and that seems like a great place to begin!

I recommend grabbing a pen and paper to take notes… we’re about to go quite deep, quite fast.

Spoiler alert: At Infinite Prosperity, our primary focus is on helping students achieve financial independence.

In the next 10 minutes, you’ll learn the 4 objectives required to achieve financial independence, as well as a number of simple action steps that you can begin today.

Let’s get started!


Know Your Target

To start with, understand that there are two financial achievements that will make the greatest difference to your quality of life.

  1. Stage 1 Financial Independence
  2. Stage 2 Financial Independence

Image above: Infinite Prosperity HQ Brisbane, Australia. Know the goal. See the goal.

Stage 1 Financial Independence is your independence from a boss, job, partner, parent or spouse. Reaching the first stage of Financial Independence means generating enough passive and semi-passive income to cover your cost of living.

Stage 2 Financial Independence is the ability to maintain Stage 1 Financial Independence regardless of market, mind, motor skills or mortality. Reaching the second stage of Financial Independence means:

  • If the market crashes, your income stays put.
  • If you lose your mind, your income stays put.
  • If you lose motor skills, your income stays put.
  • If you lose your life, your income stays put.

Many people in modern western culture are caught in the traps and traditions of past generations. “Study hard, get a degree, find a job and buy a home” is still the most esteemed financial path for most…

But in today’s age, it’s redundant.

In the modern age of information… service, value, exchange and profit between individuals can be created or generated remotely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online income generation is here, and it’s here to stay.

The true currencies in today’s age are: Independence, mobility and flexibility. These are the true goals of wise business managers today.

This course is a detailed and practical guide to generating income and building wealth in a way that honours these goals.  

Now that you know the two primary financial goals, you need to learn the money map…


The Money Map

Clarity is king.

He with the most clarity leads the pack. He with a cloudy vision must follow along.

By acknowledging the two stages of Financial Independence as the two most significant achievements in your financial quest, we can easily and objectively create a “money map.” The financial equivalent of a “treasure map,” so to speak.

You see…

  • There is a formula for Stage 1 Financial Independence, and…
  • There is a formula for Stage 2 Financial Independence.

By mapping the formula’s out, we can break down the components of Financial Independence into a flow chart and digest them one-at-a-time. In deconstructing Financial Independence this way, your awareness is heightened, and your clarity is sharpened.

Click to enlarge
I encourage you to either draw or print the money map above.

In the next few moments, I’ll explain each and every component, category and objective.

By the end of this lesson, I assure you that your perspective on finance will have shifted.

Are you ready?


Stage 1 Financial Independence

When we launched Infinite Prosperity, many people thought we deliberately chose the name to “hype up” our message or to promote some idea of infinite wealth, infinite cash, pools of never ending money and cars and freedom and lifestyle. Many people have misunderstood our message.

Here’s the truth:

Infinite Prosperity is an equation.

  • A/(E-PI) = Prosperity
  • As (E-PI) approaches and reaches zero, prosperity becomes infinite.


A: Liquid Assets
Liquid assets include your cash on hand, stocks, bonds, ETFs, index funds, forex account capital, and any other asset that can be readily converted to cash. Even precious metals are considered liquid, as they can be cashed at any time at a universally agreed upon market price. On the other hand, property, cars, clothing, furniture, electronics and jewelry are NOT considered liquid assets.

  • Growing your liquid assets moves you closer to Financial Independence
  • Shrinking your liquid assets moves you away from Financial Independence

Therefore, the objective is to increase your liquid assets.

E: Monthly Expenses
Your total monthly expenses to sustain the minimum quality of life to which you have acclimated.

  • Fewer monthly expenses makes it easier to achieve Financial Independence
  • Greater monthly expenses makes it more difficult to achieve Financial Independence

Therefore, the objective is to reduce and control your monthly expenses.

PI: Monthly Passive and Semi-Passive Income
Your total income that flows in, and is scalable, with little to no ongoing work. Passive and Semi-Passive Income must not be correlated to your time input, or else it would be considered “Active Income”.

  • More passive income moves you closer to Financial Independence
  • Less passive income keeps you away from Financial Independence

Therefore, the objective is to grow your passive and semi-passive income.

  • A/(E-PI) is the prosperity equation.
  • As (E-PI) reaches zero, prosperity becomes infinite.

In other words, as your passive and semi-passive income (PI) approaches and reaches the level of your living expenses (E), the denominator in the formula becomes zero, and you no longer need to actively work for money.

This is what we call “Infinite Prosperity”

Note: During this course, we’ll be talking about monetary figures. We’re aware that many readers are accustomed to pound’s, euro’s, franc’s, peso’s, rand, rupee’s, yuan, yen, etc… though, for the sake of simplicity, we have elected to use Dollars ($) for all examples and explanations.

Example 1

John has $5,000 in savings. He has $2,000 of silver bullion and another $1,000 in stocks. His liquid assets are therefore $8,000.

  • $5,000 cash savings
  • $2,000 silver bullion
  • $1,000 stocks
  • $8,000 total liquid assets

John’s living expenses are $4,000 per month, and he has no passive income yet.

  • A / (E-PI) = Prosperity
  • ($8,000) / ($4,000 – $0) = 2 months

If John loses his primary income stream, he can buy himself two months forward.

The paradigm shift in approaching finance this way is realizing that your level of prosperity is a function of how much time you can buy, not how many dollars you have accumulated.

Example 2

Mary has $2,000 in savings and $6,000 in bonds. Her liquid assets are therefore $8,000. Like John, her living expenses are $4,000 per month. Mary also has a blog site that generates ad revenue and affiliate commissions to the tune of $2,000 per month.

  • A / (E-PI) = Prosperity
  • ($8,000) / ($4,000 – $2,000) = 4 months

John and Mary both have the same amount of liquid assets and living costs. However, Mary has a $2k per month semi-passive income stream. Although her semi-passive income stream cannot pay for the entirety of her expenses yet, this secondary income stream essentially doubles her prosperity figure (which is measured in time).

If her primary income stream (day job) fell to zero overnight (fired, quit, etc.) she would be able to buy twice as much time forward as John, as her semi-passive income stream can currently cover half of her living costs.

So what is Infinite Prosperity?

Let me show you with this final example.

Example 3

Paul has $18,000 in cash, a $50,000 trading account and $20,000 in a diversified portfolio of index funds. His liquid assets are therefore $88,000. His living expenses are $6,000 per month. Paul trades forex, invests in stocks, and is a silent investor in 2 businesses. His ventures collectively yield an average of $10,000 per month in passive and semi-passive income.

  • A / (E-PI) = Prosperity
  • ($88,000) / ($6,000 – $10,000)
  • (E-PI) has reached and exceeded zero, therefore Prosperity = Infinite

Since Paul has passive and semi-passive income streams that exceed his living costs, he has reached Infinite Prosperity. At this point, he no longer needs to exchange time for money. If he is not inspired to continue working a regular job, he has the freedom to quit, with no adverse effect on his lifestyle.

Wikipedia defines Financial Independence as:

“The state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.”

Sound familiar? It should. When (E-PI) reaches zero and beyond, you are financially independent.

“Infinite Prosperity” literally means Financial Independence.

Within this community, whenever we talk about “quitting your job,” we are referring to the act of achieving Stage 1 Financial Independence. This is where our passive and semi-passive income exceeds our expenses. This is Infinite Prosperity.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a “millionaire” to achieve Stage 1 Financial Independence. I was not a millionaire at the time of achieving Stage 1 Financial Independence.


Stage 2 Financial Independence

After learning the Stage 1 Financial Independence Formula, hopefully, you’ve spotted the elephant in the room.

The elephant is sustainability.

The truth is, a passive or semi-passive income stream you create may not last forever.

  • Your patented invention could become obsolescent.
  • The song you recorded may not sell records forever.
  • The book you wrote could lose popularity over time.
  • If you require a sharp mind to trade or speculate in the market, your sharp mind may not stay with you forever.

Passive income does not necessarily mean eternal income.

The potential mortality of Stage 1 Financial Independence can, at times, cause a subtle dip in the feeling of your financial security.

This is why we ultimately aim for Stage 2 Financial Independence.

Image above: Amy and Lewis taking the Infinite Prosperity message to over 50 countries around the world.

As mentioned previously, I define Stage 2 Financial Independence as the ability to maintain Stage 1 Financial Independence regardless of Market, Mind, Motor-Skills or Mortality.

  • If the market moves in any direction, your income stays put.
  • If you lose your mind, your income stays put.
  • If you lose motor skills, your income stays put.
  • Even if you lose your life, your income stays put.

We create Stage 2 Financial Independence by generating enough liquid assets to return our desired annual income based on elementary, low-risk, unleveraged, interest earning investments.

The figure I use is 5% per year. No matter what happens, I’ll always be able to generate a 5% average return. If you don’t yet understand how to generate a 5% annual passive return on your money, keep reading!

The formula for Stage 2 Financial Independence is much easier than Stage 1:

  • Annual Expenses / 0.05 = Financial Independence Figure
  • E / 0.05 = FIF

Your Financial Independence Figure (FIF) is the amount of liquid assets (A) you will require to achieve Stage 2 Financial Independence. In some calculations, you will see us substitute “FIF” for “A”.


If your desired lifestyle expenses are $200,000 per year, your Financial Independence Figure is $4,000,000.

  • E / 0.05 = FIF
  • $200,000 / 0.05 = $4,000,000

This means you must generate $4 million in liquid assets before reaching Stage 2 Financial Independence.

At that point, no matter what happens to market, mind, motor skills or mortality, you will be able to generate $200,000 per year in passive investment returns.

Please note, this doesn’t account for inflation. When you’re setting longer term targets, be sure to factor this in. A $200,000 lifestyle today will cost approximately $400,000 in 15 years from now. As a rule of thumb, you must double your FIF for every 15 years you take to achieve Stage 2 Financial Independence.

Don’t get too overwhelmed by the calculations at this stage… later in the course, we’ll give you our full Financial Independence Calculator which factors in your age, income, savings, lifestyle, investments, and inflation to determine when (if at all) you’ll achieve Financial Independence.

By taking the time to know where you stand, you’re laying the foundations for an empowering financial future.

Image above: Helping students empower their financial future. Co-Founder (Amy Sangster) preparing a Live Trading Session in Costa Rica with the team.


The 4 Objectives

So far, you’ve learned about the two primary financial objectives that will have the greatest impact on your quality of life:

  1. Stage 1 Financial Independence
  2. Stage 2 Financial Independence

You learned the prosperity formula for Stage 1 Financial Independence: A/(E-PI) = Prosperity

You also learned the formula for revealing your Stage 2 Financial Independence figure: E/0.05 = FIF

With this in mind, you may be at the dawn of a fascinating realization…

There are only four objectives to achieve complete Financial Independence.

Yes, just 4.

They are:

A: Increase your liquid assets
E: Reduce and control your expenses
0.05: Learn how to passively invest capital at 5-10% per annum
PI: Increase your passive and semi-passive income streams

Let me explain each objective very briefly in the next four sections of this lesson.

Please consider taking notes during the next few units.

Over the last seven years, I’ve met at least 50 men and women who have completed some form of finance degree at college, yet who emerged without an awareness of how powerful these basic principles and objectives can be in changing the course of their financial future.


Objective 1: Increase your liquid assets

Major key: Save an ever growing percentage of each dollar you earn.

A quick reminder

Your liquid assets include cash, stocks, bonds, ETFs, index funds, forex account capital, gold bullion and any other asset that can be readily converted to cash.

Property, cars, clothing, furniture, electronics and jewelry are NOT considered liquid assets.

Wise action steps:

  1. Log into your online banking platform and create an automatic savings transaction every week or every month. Have a set amount automatically transferred into an account that you don’t touch. Aim for 10% of your net income if possible. Stretch yourself to the border of discomfort. Do it now!
  2. Set a reminder in your smartphone calendar exactly 3 months from today to instruct your future self to increase the automated savings figure by 10%. For example, if you had elected to save $100 per week, wind it up to $110.
  3. Keep increasing your savings figure by 10% every 3 months.
  4. Keep saving until you have accumulated 2-3 months worth of expenses. For example, if your living costs are $2,000 per month, keep saving until you have $4,000-$6,000 stashed away.
  5. At that point, if you’re not an Infinite Prosperity member and you’d love some guidance, get in touch with our team! If you’re not ready to act, keep saving anyway! More liquidity gives you more stability and more options.


Objective 2: Reduce and control your expenses

Major key: Spend less than what you earn. Never increase your lifestyle and expenses without increasing your savings by at least the same amount.

Wise action steps:

  1. Saving money and reducing expenses might sound elementary and boring, but heed this warning: If you cannot respect, manage, value and optimize a small fortune, you will never bring about a vast fortune to manage. Attention to detail is crucial. As Warren Buffett’s net worth approaches $80 billion US dollars, he still values each and every dollar very highly. If you understand the power of compound interest, you’ll know why. More on compound interest later in the course.
  2. Do everything in your power to reduce unnecessary expenses. As a paid member of Infinite Prosperity, you will receive one of the most powerful expense optimization tools available. Already a member? Click here to access it.
  3. The expense optimization tool above takes approximately an hour to complete, but has consistently delivered our students a monthly reduction in low priority costs of 10-20%. For most, using this single tool alone will pay for your Infinite Prosperity tuition in the first month.
  4. After reducing unnecessary expenses, transfer those savings directly to your liquid asset savings account (on top of your other savings). Converting expenses directly into liquid assets creates a double-whammy effect on your A/E ratio. Your liquid assets (cash savings) go up, while your expenses go down at the same time. This creates a direct and immediate effect to your level of prosperity as per the A/(E-PI) formula.
  5. The universe loves order and organization. Draw out your monthly savings and spendings allocation, either on paper or online. I personally use google sheets to do this. If you would love to attract a financial fortune, start with ordering and organizing what you have now. Great mental clarity arises from organizing your bedroom, office, home, and garden. The same is true for your finances.


Objective 3: Passively invest at 5-10% per annum

Major key: Buy the market.

Did you know?

The S&P500 is a collection of the top 500 publicly listed companies in the USA. These companies serve billions of clients around the planet with innovative products, services and utilities. They’re managed and operated by some of the brightest business leaders on earth, and if they underperform, they’re pulled out of the S&P500 list and replaced by better companies. You can invest in very low cost index funds that track the performance of the S&P500.

Why would you do that? Well, these companies have collectively returned an average of roughly 10% per annum since the inception of the S&P500 back in 1928.

By investing in an S&P500 index fund in equal, regular instalments, you can approximate the “mean price” of the market over time with a very low expense ratio.

This kind of defensive investing does not require a fancy finance degree, years of study, or the ability to pick the direction of the market.

You don’t need a certain net worth to participate, the transaction costs are incredibly low… Oh! And one more thing… Over time, the annual returns of simply buying the market like this have massively outperformed the vast majority of 401(k), superannuation and other mutual funds that are available to the public. This is because the companies who manage your money in these funds can rarely outperform the market with such large amounts under management – yet you’re paying huge (and compounding) management fee’s for the privilege of these (average) results!

It is wiser to learn how to invest yourself, and it could even take decades off the journey toward “Infinite Prosperity”. Start with simple, defensive investing and then gradually scale up to more advanced techniques as your wealth grows and your confidence increases.

Step by step progress is the key, and we would love to assist you on making these steps in your financial journey.

For the small cost of your Infinite Prosperity membership, you will learn:

  • How to buy the market
  • How much to buy
  • When to buy
  • What to buy
  • Which platform to use
  • How to build your own portfolio
  • How to balance your portfolio
  • How to find your Investing/Trading Ratio
  • How much to keep in cash
  • How to accelerate your savings
  • How to exploit dollar cost averaging
  • How to hack your own financial thermostat
  • How to engage 5 dimensions of diversification
  • How to minimize the volatility created by inevitable market cycles
  • How to ensure your portfolio is self-optimised

And this is just in Strategy 1 of 3!

There are 2 other (even more powerful) financial strategies included in your membership.

Using just these 3 strategies in conjunction with each other can produce mind blowing results in your life. Now add in our groundbreaking philosophies and strategies in mindset, emotional mastery, social dynamics, conscious evolution, attraction/resonation/manifestation and goal setting – and you have the entire recipe for personal empowerment.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… the content in this course, when utilised, can seriously change your life.

I truly hope the inspiration and love I have for this content shines through in my writing. To share this message and these strategies with the world is meaningful to me beyond what I am able to describe with words.

Let’s move onto the 4th and final objective…


Objective 4: Increase passive and semi-passive income

Major key: Serve them or beat them. Understand the difference between positive-sum and zero-sum income. Ideally, harness both.

The jewel in the crown

Growing your passive and semi-passive income (PI) is by far the most challenging and engaging objective out of the 4. For this reason, the vast majority of the Infinite Prosperity course is focussed on this objective.

The first thing to understand about income is that there are two types: Positive sum and zero sum.

Positive-sum income is when both the giver and taker of money win from the transaction. A win/win scenario.

Positive-sum examples include:

  • Regular Job (Boss and employee both win)
  • Traditional business (Owner and customer both win)
  • Sell a product (Seller and buyer both win)
  • Sell a service (Seller and buyer both win)
  • Broker a deal (Seller, buyer and broker all win)

There is a very powerful formula for positive sum income that we will share later in the course.

Zero-sum income, on the other hand, is created by a win/lose scenario wherein both winner and loser participate in an activity to which they both agree to the rules.

Zero-sum examples include:

  • Professional sports (Performance based prize money)
  • Professional gaming
  • Forex trading
  • Stock trading
  • Poker
  • Competitions

As a rule of thumb:

  • Positive sum income is created by serving and helping others
  • Zero sum income is created by honing a skill and beating others

To build a great income:

  • In positive-sum: You will need to approach the cutting edge of your field in providing some form of product, service or idea to an ever-growing audience (people based).
  • In zero-sum: You will need to approach the top 1-5% of skill level in your field through commitment, coaching, discipline, and dedication (skill based).

It is wise to realize that in order to build a financial fortune, you will need to either serve a vast number of people or beat a vast number of people in a game they have agreed to play. To think you’ll sustainably generate income any other way is a fantasy that will keep you trapped in mediocrity.

Now that you know the difference between positive-sum and zero-sum income, there are a few other income characteristics that we must outline.

Time and Space

The 4th objective to achieve Financial Independence refers to the attainment of specific types of income:

  • Passive Income
  • Semi-Passive Income

All types of income (both positive-sum and zero-sum) can be measured on a matrix of time and space requirements.


Pure passive income flows in regardless of your time or geographic location (space). There are still mentors and business leaders today who refute the existence of passive income. This is absolute insanity – as any holder of a dividend yielding stock will attest. A dividend is an example of pure passive income. At the time of this writing, if you own shares in the Ford Motor Company, you will receive a 5% annual dividend.

In other words, if you have a million dollars invested with Ford, you will receive a $50,000 per year passive dividend income.

This income keeps flowing regardless of the time and space of your physical body.

At the other end of the scale, pure active income requires both your time and your space. Think of an office job where you need to show up at a specific geographic location at specific times on specific days.

All income methods can be placed at some point in the time/space income matrix.


  • Mobile: Income that can be generated regardless of your geographic location.
  • Non-mobile: Income that can only be generated in a specific geographic location.
  • Active: Income that is directly linked to your time input. Anything that pays an hourly rate is active income.
  • Semi-passive: Income that requires less than 7 hours per week and is scalable independently of time input.
  • Passive: Income that requires no time input (and therefore no space).


Welcome to Infinite Prosperity

Welcome to the Infinite Prosperity course!

I sincerely hope the introduction above has been valuable to you. Please consider applying the action steps mentioned, as I am certain they will make a positive difference to your financial life.

Image above: The core team at Infinite Prosperity who personally work with students to empower and transform their lives. (Left to right) Scott, Tom, Paul, Robyn, Lewis, Amy, Jordan, Irek and Benny. We also have an amazing “behind the scenes” team of accountants, web designers, legal, advisors, compliance and licensing who all help in bringing this powerful message to the world.

So what is Infinite Prosperity?

Infinite prosperity is a step by step online course on personal finance and life mastery.

As anyone who has finished the course will attest… It’s not just a course.

Infinite Prosperity is indeed a community, a global brand, and a way of life.

The IP project was initially created in 2011 to elevate the financial intelligence and personal empowerment of clients through world class mentorship and written lessons.

Our course caters to both raw beginners and seasoned financiers. Access to the course is granted through a simple and affordable one-time payment, which gives you instant access to our teachings, philosophies, tools, email support, communities, and global events. We are not a network marketing company or pyramid scheme. In fact, we do not even employ a single salesperson.

We have taken advanced financial strategies and made them easy to understand and implement by diluting so-called “esoteric” information into 3 specific strategies, essential risk management procedures, excellent support services and a global community like no other.


Image Above: 2016 Infinite Prosperity Ball at the top of the tallest building in the southern hemisphere (Gold Coast, Australia)

  • Our intention is to guide our members toward achieving the 4 objectives you just learned about.
  • Our goal is to assist students in reaching the two stages of Financial Independence.
  • Our mission is to reach one million students with this message.

The IP team currently consists of 12 members, residing in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. These inspired entrepreneurs work night and day spreading our message of abundance, lifestyle design, and personal empowerment.


Meet the Creators

If you’re still reading, thank you!

I truly hope the concepts above have inspired you to at least consider your financial quest from an entirely new and exciting perspective.

It’s probably about time I formally introduce myself!

My name is Lewis Mocker, and my journey to Financial Independence started as a young boy when my father opened a Commsec brokerage account for me. I used Birthday, Christmas and pocket money to purchase my first packet of stocks ($500 worth of TLS – Telstra Corporation).

Image above: Lewis managing his portfolio from Infinite Prosperity HQ, Brisbane, Australia.

Dad has been trading and investing for over 35 years, making me one of the lucky few who were born into an investing family. After a few years of building a humble portfolio of Australian blue chip stocks, I had fallen in love with the game. Under Dad’s guidance, I began actively trading stocks in my teens, and was introduced to some of the brightest traders on the planet, who helped me fine-tune my strategy and psychology.

Having been directly exposed to the financial markets from such a young age, I set massive goals to become a trader some day. At the time, I was trading a low time-commitment CFD & Option-writing strategy that commanded my attention for just a few hours per month. At that point in my life, it was “too passive” for me, so at 18 I started learning how to trade the currency market. This market struck a chord with me over and above my previous experience in stocks, CFD’s and options. Instead of deriving my returns from option writing, I learnt to trade the swings in the forex market. This came with its own set of challenges that took me quite some time to overcome. The difficulty level with this kind of speculation was higher, the time commitment was greater, but the rewards were phenomenal.

As per Objective 4, any profit made from trading and investing is mobile and semi-passive by default. Moving trading profit over to a passive model can be achieved via delegation (something we teach later in the course). We do not teach or advise the use of automated trading robots and algorithms.

By popular demand, I hosted group trading sessions in my home office each night with close friends, which is when I first discovered my unique ability to teach, guide and inspire others. My high school friend, Amy, learned my trading philosophies and mastered them relatively quickly. Less than a year after our first session, she went from trading an $8k account to managing over $100k in capital.

Amy eventually decided to quit her job at National Australia Bank and focus full time on trading, teaching and hosting her own classes for friends and family.

At breakfast one morning, we were discussing a position we had taken before a rally on Swiss Franc. She explained to me how one of her newest trading students had caught the run, using a strategy we now call Hyper Trades.

While we were thrilled that our philosophies were making a difference to the lives of those around us, we agreed that this message needed to reach a wider audience.

Infinite Prosperity was born.



Next up

So there it is!

You’ve now been introduced to Lewis, Amy and the Infinite Prosperity philosophies.

The next lesson is an introduction into the world of trading, investing and building your wealth.

I will share with you exactly what I shared with Amy during our first trading session together back in 2009.

If you enjoyed the financial philosophies presented in this lesson, I promise you will enjoy the next one even more.

Grab a fresh piece of paper and keep taking notes!

If you have any questions about what you’ve learned so far, send us a message by using the built-in support platform located in the bottom right corner of this page. (Look for a round, blue button)

We are committed to serving you to the best of our ability. Having seen this wisdom change the lives of thousands of students, we must insist that you do not let any question go unanswered.

See you in the next lesson!

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