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"3 years full time"

It's been almost 3 years now, that I've been trading full time. Joining IP was the best decision in my life! 

"Thank you IP"

I have been trading for 1.5 years (6 months with IP) and have tried several different trading education programs but IP goes above and beyond all of them.
Zack Michael
Vancouver, Canada
Alkheim Ellis
England, UK
Louise Chambers
Gold Coast, Australia
Jonathan Da Silva
London, UK
"The finance program that is changing lives all over the world"
My journey finding IP was a fate. I faced one of my hardest time in my career. Then one day I asked a friend who had the similar situation, how did he survive? First he explained to me about the Infinite Prosperity formula, during that time, I had no idea 'Infinite Prosperity' is the name of this firm. After understanding what was explained to me, I wanted to learn more. 
Syazwan Bakar
My review is simple. I've tinkered with Forex for the last 6 months. I did a free online course which taught me a good bit but not what i was looking for. So I researched as much as I could and essentially self taught myself everything I know. I even jumped into another program which I paid for and was not what I was looking for. I had seen and heard about IP a few months backed and kinda of ignored it. 
David Prince
IP, Lewis and Amy taught me a way of living. I've been in the biz for 3 years and even been following them on social media for a year before I finally admitted to myself there's something that's still missing from my quiver, even though I was making money. It was the simplicity and elegancy of the methods they teach. I have really overcomplicated my trading routine, thus backtesting became impossible
Levente Németh
Great practical content. An awesome combination between practical trading/investing philosophies and delving deep into the psychology behind money and trading. I highly recommend making the small investment to purchase the IP course. I am also grateful for spending some one on one time with Lewis and anyone who is looking for an edge in trading/investing or just a wise mind to bounce ideas off
Dean Blankfield
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