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1. You will become an investor. In Strategy 1, you will learn the specific passive, defensive investing philosophy recommended by some of the worlds wealthiest and most successful investors such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, John C Bogle and many more. These principles have stood the test time, and will form the base of your wealth portfolio.

2. You will become a trader. In Strategy 2 and 3, you will learn the art and science behind truly successful currency speculation. We teach a grounded, diversified and risk managed approach to trading the markets unlike any other online educator. We do not make money from your trading activity, so we have no hidden agenda to promote foolish, high volume, high cost trading methods.

3. Your income will increase. Using the passive long-term investment philosophies in Strategy 1 alongside the short-term trading opportunities you'll learn in Strategy 2 and 3 is an incredibly powerful way to grow your passive, semi-passive and mobile income.

4. You will become a master of money. Most people spend, blow and lose their money on short term gratifications and undercooked gambling methods. They exhaust time and energy trying to find unicorns and they usually fail to build a solid plan. Infinite Prosperity students learn to methodically and consistently save an ever growing portion of their income, invest it wisely, accelerate their wealth through trading, all while planning for the long game with water-tight risk management and contingencies in place.

5. You will learn how to master your mind. Warren Buffett says, "If you can't manage your emotions, don't expect to manage money." Lewis has spent the last 3 years mentoring under the world's leading human behavioural specialist and one of the few living polymaths. The depth of content in the two Mindset and Psychology lessons is sure to change your entire perspective on life itself.



"If you want to master your life,

master your finances and be free...

Infinite Prosperity is your place."

- Adrian Espinosa (Madrid, Spain)

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Our online course is designed for any skill level, from first-time investors to experienced traders looking to fine tune their strategy or sharpen their edge.

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No bookmakers. No binary options. No scalping. No abuse of leverage. At Infinite Prosperity, we promote a grounded path to wealth creation rooted in cash savings, passive investments and then active speculation trading.

           The best community in the game

The Infinite Prosperity community boasts 5,000+ motivated and inspiring students from 50+ countries worldwide. Join us and make friends for life.

"The best online trading education program. Period."



Welcome: Introduction to Infinite Prosperity

Lesson 1: Introduction to Investing & Trading

Lesson 2: Investment Psychology

Lesson 3: Risk Management

Lesson 4: Technical Analysis

Lesson 5: Financial Brokers

Lesson 6: Trading an Edge

Lesson 7: Money Mindset

Lesson 8: Goals, Vision & Purpose

Lesson 9: Journaling & Review

Lesson 10: Moving Forward

Strategy 1: Passive Investing

Strategy 2: Forex Trends

Strategy 3: Forex Reversals

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Financial Independence Calculator

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All types of income can be measured on a matrix of time and space requirements.

Mobile: Income that can be generated regardless of your geographic location.

Non-mobile: Income that can only be generated in a specific geographic location.

Active: Income that is directly linked to your time input. Anything that pays an hourly rate is active income.

Semi-passive: Income that requires less than 7 hours per week and is scalable independently of time input.

Passive: Income that requires no time input.

The Infinite Prosperity teachings and strategies are systematically designed from the ground up to push you up and right on the income matrix. 

That will change the way you think about money, life and business.

Do you know the types?


If you have to ask the question, you're already missing a major key to success (don't worry, we'll teach you!)... Don't ask us if you'll succeed, tell us you'll succeed. One of the reasons we do have such a phenomenal success rate in Infinite Prosperity is that we dedicate so much of our teachings to helping you overcome the trials, tribulations and traps that have been holding you back.

Ultimately, we can lead you to water but we can't make you drink. Many students decide to ignore or skip through the teachings in haste. While we can't "guarantee" your success, we can guarantee we will do everything in our power to push you toward it.

I'm completely new. Do I need experience?

Will this work for me?

To help you make the right choice

This largely depends on your goals and intentions for investing and trading. As a ballpark, we suggest a minimum of $2,000 USD in liquidity.
(Of course, not all of this will actually be engaged in the market)

Are there any other membership costs?

How much do I need to start?

What hours will I trade?

Learning: We recommend at least 1 hour per day
Investing: 1-2 hours every 3 months

Swing Trading: 30-60 minutes per day (Monday-Friday) + 1hr review on Sunday

No. The course was originally designed for pure beginners.

How much time do I need to spend?

Since we are an Australian company, fellow Australian residents will be charged 10% GST.

There are no other hidden or ongoing membership fees.

Any time between 5pm and 1am (New York EST) Sunday-Thursday

5,000+ Students in 50+ Countries

We have more client-submitted feedback than any other

online financial education company. After our first 2,000 uploads, we started a second international student wall.

Fortune favours the brave. Decide and take action!

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Lifetime Membership

11 x Lessons

3 x Strategies

Lifetime Support

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Ensure your questions hit the top of our inbox with Priority Email Support. Our friendly and professional support team span across 4 countries and 6 time zones to ensure that a helping hand is never far away.

If you require more detailed support, we suggest the Gold Membership. If you don't foresee yourself using much email support, and you're not interested in the Active Trader Toolkit, the Silver Membership will be perfect for you.

The Active Trader Toolkit is a high definition video series designed to take your trading to the next level. The toolkit contains 25 hand selected episodes, with a run time of over 10 hours. It provides a perfect transition into the next realm of trading awareness and mastery.

The AT Toolkit is usually sold for $349 USD separately, which makes the gold membership incredibly valuable to new members who know they'll be pursuing a high level of performance. (Gold is only $200 more than silver)

Upon finishing the core Infinite Prosperity course, the toolkit will help you take more advanced trades, develop your own trading style, stay motivated, minimize drawdown and maximize upside.

Learn more about the Active Trader Toolkit here

With an ever growing worldwide community, the demand for our events is extremely high. Student dinners, meet up groups, outings, IP Yacht, and the IP Ball are just some of the events you'll be invited to as an Infinite Prosperity member. Space is often limited, therefore invitations and special offers are issued to our top tier members with priority.

"I start by saying that IP was one of my best discoveries on the internet. 

I was lost to find a path to fulfill my goals, there's very little or no guidance around me. I kept on hunting internet to find the right kind of people to work with or gain knowledge from. 

It was one eureka moment when I found IP. 

A bit hesitant at first, I decided to jump in and go for a Silver membership. The moment I entered the IP community, my life started changing. I did meet a lot of like-minded and aspiring people who are working on their dreams. I loved the support I got from Lewis & Amy. The lessons are so incredible even if you don't feel like trading you will get a good glimpse of changing your financial know-how just by going through the lessons. My favorite part in the lessons was a theory of Shiny Ball Syndrome, which I could relate to before joining the course. 

As of now, I am a Platinum member, trading part time, I have had some awesome months of profits. I am still learning and getting better with time. My goal is to go full-time trading within a year from now and if anyone reading this and looking to join IP. I say go ahead and do it. It will be life changing for you as well. This is my family away from home. Thank you for giving hope and direction to me.

I love IP."

What members are saying...

Hyderabad, India

Paras K.

Infinite Prosperity was the first online personal empowerment program to back a product with a

30 Day Life Changer Guarantee.

Do the work. Play full out. After 30 days, if you can't see how becoming a member will change your life for the better, let us know and we'll give you a full refund.


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Allow us to share a glimpse of the wisdom you'll be unlocking with a lifetime membership...

Introduction Lesson

  • Know Your Target
  • The Money Map
  • Stage 1 Financial Independence
  • Stage 2 Financial Independence
  • The 4 Objectives
  • Objective 1: Increase your liquid assets
  • Objective 2: Reduce and control your expenses
  • Objective 3: Passively invest at 5-10% per annum
  • Objective 4: Increase passive and semi-passive income

Lesson 1: Trading and Investing

  • The Best Business Model on Earth
  • Order of Operation
  • Dealing with Debt
  • 7 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Trade
  • What is Foreign Exchange?
  • What Is Traded?
  • Currencies
  • Currency Pairs
  • Forex vs. Stocks
  • Pips
  • Lots, Leverage & Profit
  • How To Make Money When The Market Goes Down
  • Three Ways To Trade The Market
  • Price Charts
  • Risk Management
  • Don't Risk A Cent In The Learning Stage
  • Strategies

Lesson 2: Psychology

  • The Mind Game
  • Small, Regular Profits
  • The Importance of Psychology
  • The Importance of Rules
  • Getting Rich Quickly and Easily (Fact or fiction?)
  • Rule 1
  • Rule 2
  • Rule 3
  • Fear and Greed
  • Drawdown
  • The Emotional Rollercoaster
  • The Emotional Negative Sum Game
  • When A Dollar Is Not A Dollar

Lesson 3: Risk Management

  • Your Safety Net
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Trailing Stop Loss Orders
  • The Golden Rule
  • Trade Risk
  • Gambling Risk
  • Drawdown Risk
  • Volatility Risk
  • Correlation Risk
  • Capitalisation Risk
  • Margin Call Risk
  • News Risk
  • Execution Risk
  • Technology Risk

Lesson 4: Technical Analysis

  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • The Mechanics of Price
  • Fear and Greed
  • Principle 1: Market Condition
  • Principle 2: Market Phase
  • Principle 3: Support and Resistance
  • Principle 4: Indicators
  • Principle 5: Price Patterns
  • Principle 6: Candlestick Patterns
  • Combining Principles
  • Advanced Analysis

Lesson 5: Financial Brokers

  • What is a Broker?
  • Stock Brokers vs. Forex Brokers
  • A Warning on Brokers
  • A Book vs. B Book
  • Choosing a Stock Broker
  • Choosing a Forex Broker
  • Opening Your Accounts
  • Depositing Funds
  • Learn Your Platform
  • Creating Your First Watchlist
  • Spreads
  • Transaction Costs
  • Timeframes
  • Order Types

Lesson 6: Trading an Edge

  • Basic Probability
  • Money and Probability
  • What Is An Edge?
  • Risk Preference
  • Luck
  • The Law Of Large Numbers
  • How Does A Casino Make Money?
  • What Will The US Dollar Do Next?
  • Probability In Trading
  • The Two Trading Profitability Models
  • Trading An Edge
  • Changing Your Trading Routine
  • Random Distribution
  • How To Lose Money With A Profitable Strategy

Lesson 7: Mindset

  • A Story of Two Girls
  • The Origin of Beliefs
  • Beliefs about Life
  • Beliefs about Trading
  • Beliefs about Money
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Empowering Beliefs
  • Persistence
  • Social Influence
  • Media Influence
  • Thoughts
  • Language
  • Physiology
  • Wisdom of the Mind

Lesson 8: Goal Setting & Life Planning

  • Goals
  • How much would you love to make?
  • Quantify it
  • See it
  • Taste it
  • Plan it
  • Love it
  • Protect it
  • What is your paradigm?
  • Thoughts Are Things
  • Stretch Yourself
  • Shiny Ball Syndrome
  • Cash Flow and The Golden Goose
  • The "New Rich"
  • Infinite Prosperity
  • The Forex Missionary
  • A Message From Lewis

Lesson 9: Journaling

  • Treat Trading Like a Business
  • What Information Should Be Recorded?
  • Journaling Software
  • How Often Should I Journal?
  • Breaking Down The Figures
  • Advanced Self Review (ASR)
  • Fine Tuning Multipliers

Lesson 10: Moving Forward

  • Financial Mastery
  • What's Next?
  • How Long Should I Demo Trade For?
  • How Much Capital Should I Trade With?
  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Your Success Is Our Success
  • A Fine Line Between Pleasure And Pain
  • Are You Going To Succeed?
  • Burning Your Bridges
  • It's Go Time

Education Library

  • Financial Independence Calculator
  • Asset Allocation Calculator
  • Investment vs. Speculation Calculator
  • Probability (Reward/Risk) Calculator


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"IP is extremely comprehensive. It's not just a money program. It's the entire recipe for success."

"There is at least $5,000 worth of content in this 400 dollar program... actually, even at $5k it's a bargain."

- Michael K (Silver member, Texas USA)

- Chris Talbot (Gold member, Brisbane, Australia)

All these tools are included in Silver and Gold

That will change your financial destiny


  • This powerful tool uses your income, savings, growth, inflation, asset allocation, projected returns and desired lifestyle to determine the year and month that you'll achieve Stage 2 Financial Independence.


And many more, such as our:

  • Prosperity calculator
  • Net worth calculator
  • Reward/Risk calculator
  • Probability calculator
  • Forex watchlist creator
  • Investment/Trading returns calculator
  • And more...
  • Determines the difference between an investment and a speculation.
  • Use this tool to filter out high risk gambles.
  • Use this tool to build a solid wealth portfolio on a foundation of proven liquid investments.




  • Use this tool to build a custom wealth portfolio that suits your needs and goals.
  • The calculator automatically warns you when too much diversification (or not enough) is detected.
  • You will know exactly where to invest your money.

Did you know?

Most people are unaware of the foundations behind building sustainable wealth and creating a phenomenal lifestyle via passive liquid investments.

In fact, the vast majority of people sacrifice their savings and liquidity, while leveraging themselves out via loans and mortgages and sending their expenses sky high to achieve "the great national dream" of home ownership. 

Nothing enslaves the public more than this ignorance.

That will ensure you avoid common traps


Forex Reversals covers all the bases in speculative technical trading. It can be effectively employed to catch both trend and counter-trend market phases. This makes it one of the most versatile trading systems available.

Save. Invest. Trade. Build Wealth.

Strategy 1: Passive Investing

If you employ only one financial strategy in Infinite Prosperity, employ this one. The information in this lesson has the potential to transform your long-term financial destiny more than anything else we can teach.






Strategy 3: Forex Reversals





Strategy 2: Forex Trends

Forex Trends is a trend trading strategy designed to identify significant psychological turning points based on the 6 principles of technical analysis. Performance and returns are optimal during trending markets.





All 3 strategies are included in Silver and Gold


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Lifetime support is included with Silver and Gold

Once a student, always a student. Our support team span 4 countries and 6 time zones. No salesmen ever. Just grounded and timely support when you need it.

"The support platform at IP is amazing. Whenever I have a question, I just send it through intercom and I get a reply within hours."

- Nathan C (Gold member, London UK)


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Each year, we select a grand venue somewhere in the world and invite all of our Silver and Gold members! Will you be at the next one?

The Infinite Prosperity project was created in 2011 to elevate the financial intelligence and personal empowerment of clients through a step by step online course. The program is presented in multiple tiers, and therefore caters to both raw beginners or seasoned financiers. We take innovative financial strategies and make them easy to understand and implement by diluting a mountain of information into a manageable set of key strategies, essential risk management procedures, and excellent support services. In transcending our origins of pure currency trading education, Infinite Prosperity has morphed into so much more since our public launch in 2012. 

Our team currently consists of 12 members, residing in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. These inspired entrepreneurs work night and day spreading our message of abundance, lifestyle design and personal empowerment.


Amy Sangster and Lewis Mocker


Presenting the 2016 Infinite Prosperity Ball

Gold Coast, Australia

Amy took the world by storm in 2012 after posting a video of picking up her Lamborghini. Sharing her lifestyle and advice daily on social media, she inspires a global audience to question their beliefs and think outside the box. 7 years later, she is now extremely passionate about sharing her message of empowerment in all areas of life.

Lewis is an international mentor on a mission to teach, share, inspire and guide others in the pursuit of personal empowerment and life mastery. Besides a strong focus on investing, trading and wealth creation - his teachings also cross deep into health, wisdom, business, relationships, leadership, and spirituality.

Lewis Mocker

Amy Sangster


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Risk warning: Remember guys, trading and investing is NOT a “get rich quick” strategy. Forex trading, in particular, has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. Leverage is a double-edged sword, and high degree’s of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade FX, you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin. Infinite Prosperity provides general advice that does not take into account your personal and individual objectives, financial situation or needs. The content of this website must not be construed as personal advice. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss in excess of your initial investment, and therefore, you should not trade with capital that you cannot afford to lose. If you have any doubts or concerns, Infinite Prosperity recommends you seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Please do not trade with borrowed money or money you cannot afford to lose, and keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future results.