2017 Ball: Thank You!

We held our annual ball a few weeks ago in Vancouver and as expected, it was another incredible event! We met some beautiful new faces within the community and were very grateful to have a large group of repeat attendees also.

These events are generally extremely full on for the team, but also a huge motivation for us to continue working to serve our amazing community.  For me personally, it’s not until I wind down a few days later that the enormity of it all truly sinks in. It’s then that I get to think back to all the amazing stories I heard and the unique journeys students are on, and fully grasp the incredible reach and influence our project and community has.

We’ve been teaching for almost 6 years now, which has seen feedback change from “thank you for changing my life”, to “thank you for having an influence on my family and friends” also. To see our concepts and ideas helping an even wider audience is extremely gratifying for myself, Lewis and the whole IP team. We always return home with a new sense of inspiration and new ideas to continue to serve our incredible community. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and to everyone who played a part in helping me organise an event of this size.

Official photos and video from the event will be released shortly, but for now enjoy Lewis’ coverage of the night!


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