• New to IP? Start here! In this lesson, we explain what the term "Infinite Prosperity" means. You'll learn the prosperity formula, the two stages of Financial Independence and the four objectives to achieving them.

  • This is our introduction to trading and investing. During this lesson, you'll learn the order of operations to growing and building your wealth on solid, sustainable foundations. That order is: save, invest, trade.

  • Not only is psychology one of the most important components of trading education, it is also one of the least studied among new traders. It is wise to head the advice and wisdom put forth in this lesson.

  • Even the best strategies can eventually blow an account if they are not integrated with strict money management principles. In this lesson, you'll learn a watertight risk management regime.

  • We use Technical Analysis for one purpose: To identify when and where the collective market mind is likely to set order clusters. In identifying these areas, we may act on the side of probability and find an edge.

  • In this lesson, you'll enjoy an eye-opening glimpse into the world of financial brokers. It is wise to know both the altruistic and narcissistic agendas of your broker so you can act methodically and objectively.

  • It is crucial to your long-term success to understand exactly how, when and why you have an edge in the market. Knowing your numbers allows you to realistically align your expectations for profitable investing.

  • Lesson 7 Mindset image

    Our goal is not only to teach you money mechanics - that would be an incomplete teaching. The purpose of Infinite Prosperity is to ensure you also have the mental framework to become a financial master.

  • Lesson 8 Goal Setting image

    Without having a goal to shoot for, it's extremely difficult to score in the game of life. In this lesson, we'll take you through an 8-step goal setting routine that could literally change the course of your entire life.

  • Lesson 9 Journaling image

    If you don't measure it, you won't master it. Journaling allows you to track your performance, stay focused and optimize output. In this lesson, you'll learn how to analyze and take responsibility for your results.

Articles in the category of Mindset
Lewis Mocker
The Real Purpose of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis has faced significant opposition from critics for years. To this day, many people believe that it’s a big bunch of hogwash, poppycock or witchcraft. To be fair, in the context that these judgments are made, we often agree. Indeed, there are many individuals and companies who paint an over-glorified picture of technical analysis. Here’s our position…
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Lewis Mocker
The 2 Reasons You Lose Motivation

I believe there are only two core reasons we lose motivation and bring about procrastination in our daily lives. What you’re trying to achieve is simply not that important to you Overwhelm (Lesson starts at 1:03) Reason 1: It’s just not that important to you We all have things in our lives that we’re spontaneously…
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Amy Sangster
Master Your Mind. Master The Market.

If you’ve been trying to trade for a while, and are constantly jumping from strategy to strategy, course to course, forum to forum, system to system, mentor to mentor… looking for that one strategy that will change the game… Your issue is not that you don’t have a strategy! On the contrary, you probably have too…
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Lewis Mocker
Wisdom, balance, truth and light

The principles explained in the following video forms the framework of the most life-changing understanding of wisdom and mindset that I’m yet to stumble upon. This mental principle has made a bigger impact on my finances, company, relationships, mind-game, leadership and family life than any other single principle I’ve implemented. Are you ready for it? …
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Lewis Mocker
Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

What you believe subconsciously often tends to reveal itself in reality. For example, let’s say you are facing personal challenges. Your friends suggest that a psychologist may be able to help you. You are skeptical, but decide to book an appointment anyway. You may have the following limiting belief: “Therapists can’t help me, I know…
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