The 3 Step Goal Setting & Manifestation Formula

Amy’s formula for success in any area:

Know the difference between manifesting and goal setting – do both.

1. Get clear on what you want. Be very specific. Know every detail.
2. Write out very clear action steps on how to get there.
3. Carry out the steps you wrote down in number 2.

Achieving your goals through goal setting alone can feel like a struggle. Attract them to you more effortlessly through the power of manifestation.

1. Understand the quantum physics behind the law of attraction.
2. Recognize when you’re not on the right frequency to receive what you want.
3. Find a method that resonates with you to get on the right frequency.
4. Do this as frequently as needed.
5. If done correctly you should feel physically moved by your visualizations.
6. Feel that all that you want is already your reality.
7. Believe that it’s coming.

Proper goal setting + action + manifestation = success in any area.

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