The 3 Bucket Wealth Strategy


The 3 Bucket Wealth Strategy is a simple, effective and highly scalable framework for allocating your money. This is the foundational wealth structure we teach at Infinite Prosperity.

Here’s the highlights:

  • Your 3 buckets are Savings, Investments & Speculations.
  • Fill them from your income in this order.
  • Your savings bucket should be a multiple of your living expenses.

It is wise to have:

  • 2 months of living expenses stored in cash (minimum)
  • 3-6 months of living expenses stored in cash (ideal)
  • 12 months of living expenses stored in cash (supreme stability)

For example:

  • If your living expenses are $4,000 per month… keep filling your Savings bucket until you have (4000 x 3) $12,000 in it.
  • This represents 3 months of living expenses.

At that time, you may start filling your investment bucket.

  • Unless you have a provable skillset in speculation, keep filling your investment bucket.
  • While you’re filling the first 2 buckets, you can be learning how to manage the last 2 buckets in a zero risk environment (paper trading, forward testing, mentorship, strategy development etc.)
  • This is wise, as the learning curve alone may take some time.
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself…
  • Most people have a gambling addiction combined with an escape complex. They try to rapidly escape their unfulfilled lives and end up doing foolish things that makes their lives even worse.
  • Know the difference between an investment and a speculation… use the Investment vs. Speculation Calculator provided at Infinite Prosperity to grade an opportunity.
  • When you’re ready to speculate (and you have certainty in your system, not hope-based punting) ease into it gradually.
  • Don’t test the depth of the river with both feet.
  • Depending on your 3, 6 and 12 month performance, you may rebalance capital and redirect income into your buckets at gradually adjusting ratios.
  • In this way, master speculators will gain the advantage of having more of their capital generating high returns… novice speculators won’t loose their shirt… and non-speculators can still grow wealth by deploying long term investment strategies…
  • This is a win/win/win framework.

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