7 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Trade

Most of the new traders I get to speak to each day admit to pursuing a business in trading purely due to the financial reward that is possible in this market. And (if we’re being honest with ourselves)… that is, definitely, one of the most obvious reasons to pursue forex trading.

But what most people don’t realize is that learning the art and science of trading can have a profound (and positive) impact on many other areas of your life as well!

As all Infinite Prosperity students know, I personally learned to trade stocks in my teens, and I truly believe this gave me an incredible advantage in life.

Image above: A clear desk, a clear mind. Trading has a transformative effect on an individuals mental faculties, strategic planning, foresight and problem solving.

How, you ask?

Well… By learning to trade, I was able to develop a highly analytical mindset, extreme emotional control and an objective framework of thinking. My mental processing skills soared due to daily trading practice. After learning how to trade, I discovered major benefits in my life that spilled over into other areas (not just wealth and finance). In fact, I’ve personally used these principles to empower my relationships, businesses, leadership and teaching, health and wellbeing, family life and even in my relatively objective pursuit into spiritual awareness and development.

By learning how to trade, you will develop a completely new toolkit for how to think rather than merely what to think.

So here are 7 reasons why I believe everyone should dedicate (at least) a few months out of their life to learning the art and science of financial trading…

1. Trading forces you to think in terms of what others are thinking.

In Lesson 4 at Infinite Prosperity, you’ll learn about reading the oscillations of the collective market mind. In business and relational settings, the finely rehearsed ability to tune into what others are thinking will give you a powerful advantage.

2. Trading forces you into objectivity.

  • If you’re too naive and become easily infatuated, you’ll lose in trading.
  • If you’re too sceptical and become easily resentful, you’ll lose in trading.
  • As a trader, the necessity for objectivity will help you master nearly every area of your life.

3. Trading demands self introspection and review.

In Lesson 9 at Infinite Prosperity, you’ll learn a process called ASR (Advanced Self Review). Mass population tend to focus on casting blame and taking credit. They oscillate between pride and shame, so deep truths are hidden by their polarised perceptions of themselves. Masterful individuals are able to objectively pull apart each and every component of their lives and make calm, methodical changes that increase the probability of their long-term success. Trading will force you master this skill.

4. Trading highlights your unique strengths and weaknesses. 

Do you suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out?). If so, trading will bring this to the surface. What about the fear of being wrong? That will surface very quickly. Are you a fast, emotionless decision maker? Great! Trading highlights both your strengths and weaknesses, giving you an insight into your own psychology that you may not have even known about. Your mentors at Infinite Prosperity are also extremely successful life coaches, and can use your trading “quirks” to guide you toward mastery in many disciplines (inside and outside of trading).

5. Trading forces you to grow comfortable with short term failure. 

In trading, our profitability model is governed by the random distribution of wins and losses. It gives you a direct shortcut to emotionally stimulating “highs” and “lows” like no other activity on earth. This hugely accelerates the process by which you climatize to the inevitable oscillations of life, and strengthens your ability to “go with the flow”.

6. Trading makes you a master of risk management and probability.

By applying my experience of risk management and probability, I have now been able to develop multiple 7 figure businesses that contribute to the lives of thousands of people around the world. Trading the markets was my training ground for this skill.

7. Trading acts like a turbocharger for financial wealth.

If you already have a great income from your job, career or business – there are few other models on earth that can potentially magnify that income like trading can.

While trading the markets certainly is not everyone’s ultimate destiny, I have come to recommend learning the art of trading to nearly all of my friends and family members now.

I want my students to be masterful thinkers and problem solvers.

In my personal life, and in the lives of thousands of our students, I have seen how learning how to trade the financial markets can transform the mind game of an individual faster than any other activity.

So are you ready to learn with us?

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