Master Your Mind. Master The Market.

If you’ve been trying to trade for a while, and are constantly jumping from strategy to strategy, course to course, forum to forum, system to system, mentor to mentor… looking for that one strategy that will change the game…

Your issue is not that you don’t have a strategy! On the contrary, you probably have too many to remain focussed.

A more probable cause of your inconsistent results is simply an inconsistent approach!

Here’s a few things that can help:

1. Get your expectations right! If you’re expecting to make $100k a year on a $2k account, you’re more likely to start the dreaded search for that impossible strategy that doesn’t exist.

Your time, energy, account balance and joy will be fully depleted before you find that strategy. If you’re on that search, and you still have that bee under your bonnet, sometimes it’s hard to accept a post like this… but if you choose to find out the hard way, you will eventually, and that’s probably because you’re holding onto a fantasy of impossible expectation.

The fantasy fuels the chase, which never becomes fulfilled, which empowers the fantasy… and the vicious cycle continues until your expectations are aligned with reality. Most often, that alignment comes in the form of blowing an account: “This is impossible, I cannot make money doing this.”

2. Manage your greed. Our entire society wants something for nothing. A free lunch. The diet pill that promises weight loss with no effort. We buy lottery tickets (which is a game for poor people who don’t understand maths). You will not obtain sustainable results in any area that you don’t supply sufficient effort. You can strike it big in the short term through luck… but the results WILL NOT last without sufficient effort and energy. Expecting something for nothing is a form of greed.

3. Manage your fear. A single losing trade does not mean your new strategy doesn’t work. A single losing week does not mean your new strategy doesn’t work. A single losing month does not mean your new strategy doesn’t work. Warren Buffett has had entire losing years. That RSI strategy you downloaded from joeblog817 in a free trading forum is going to take a loss from time to time.

Even if it actually generates a net profit over time, you’ll hit losses – and streaks of losses in the short term.

It’s normal. Don’t freak out every time your stop loss is hit!


One of the primary differences that sets Infinite Prosperity apart from other trading educators is that we have two entire lessons dedicated to mindset and psychology. In our experience, these elements of your education will make a much more significant difference in your chance of success than any strategy we could possibly provide.

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