This is an extremely difficult concept to convey to anyone who hasn’t yet found their true calling.

The current (exploding) subculture of home-grown entrepreneurship is propelled largely by this concept of motivation. We are motivated by captions, articles, posts and pictures… Videos, concepts and ideas. Success stories that get under our skin and make us move! Before and after pictures of weight loss and muscle growth. Uplifting videos of the couple who developed financial success and travel all over the world, or the girl who bought her dream car. Some are even motivated by trying to count money in photos of large stacks of cash.

We love motivation, and at IP we strive to be a positive source of motivation in our personal and company lives.

But here’s the truth:

If you REQUIRE motivation to get moving in a particular area… than that particular area isn’t as important to you as you’ve been conditioned to think by external stimulus.

Only those who have found their true calling have unlocked their unlimited supply of inspiration. This inner source of inspiration lights a fire in your soul that cannot be extinguished by hurdles, set backs, drawdown, naysayers, haters, or the overdue delivery of big goals.

Most of us chase “socially esteemed” goals with a higher priority to those which are most meaningful to us. If you’ve ever tried to make money online or get 6 pack abs, but keep losing momentum and motivation… chances are making money and getting 6 pack abs are simply not that important to you… and you’re chasing an outcome that you’ve become infatuated with via external stimulus.

It is therefore wise to discover what is most important to you, which ignites your flame of unlimited inspiration… Then to follow this path with as much energy as you can muster – and you’ll likely find that other areas of your life (finance, health, relationships) will grow too!

Knowing what is truly important to you also allows you to link less important goals (perhaps making money) to your most important calling… and in doing so, you can transmute this unwavering inspiration into any goal you desire.


Having run the Infinite Prosperity project for over 3 years, coaching thousands of students from every corner of the globe… we’ve seen every outcome for students on the path of online income generation. We’ve seen the guys who quit their job in under a year to become full time traders, to those who have spent 3 years without yet cracking the threshold of consistency, to those who tried for 2 weeks, lost money and quit, to those who bought our course and never even finished reading it!

Within these differing groups of outcomes, we’ve noticed patterns… which have largely revolved around FOCUS and PURPOSE. For a handful of our students with poor results, we’ve drilled into their purpose via values identification. Then, in linking their higher purpose to the importance of creating a secondary income stream via trading, have seen exponential improvement in both focus and results.

This wisdom is just some of what’s to come for IP in 2016. We’ve seen INSANE results among the top performing 3% of IP students, which has proven our teachings work… So 2016 is the year we bring the median performance up!

We’ll be digging deep to push out the best content we can possibly muster!

Get ready for a big year!


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