Never Give Up

Unless your dreams honestly change, NEVER GIVE UP ON THEM!


There are two groups of people I’d like to address in this post.

  1. People who have achieved their dream in some field.
  2. People who have not.

The first group typically have a better understanding of the game. Having achieved huge results in the past has undoubtedly demonstrated to them an unbiased summary of exactly what’s involved in realizing a dream. They don’t have too high or too lower expectation… and therefore their approach is balanced, poised, unrelenting and planned. They understand the hurdles and can see them even before they show up. Efficient achievers even have built-in contingency plans for when predictable hurdles arise.

The second group makes up the majority of the world… and for the tiny percentage who are actively trying to make it into the first group, congratulations! Keep going! NEVER give up. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest barrier between you and your success is NOT a lack of resources, talent or exposure… The biggest barrier is your own mind – Specifically, a gross misunderstanding of expectation in regard to the timeline of success, workload requirement and an inaccurate perception of what I call the “coal mine effect”.

Coal Mine Effect: When you’re busting ass to achieve a dream, being faced with daily hurdles and going through hell… When you’re sweating, bleeding, crying in a dusty dark cave, with no support, and no sign of the light. A “group two” member is more likely to attach that pain of going through hell to a forward projection of how far they are away from their dream… and in doing so can often trick themselves into thinking they’re getting further and further away, when in fact they’re getting closer every day. This is one of the many reasons for the enormous drop off rate in any entrepreneurial endeavor… and the reason that whenever 2 talks with a 1, that 1 will ALWAYS say, “KEEP GOING”.

They know how the game works… and a third party perspective who is isolated from the emotional grind of your hustle can more accurately see how close you really are!

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